Do you like to sing? Have you thought about joining a chorus but are too busy to do it on a regular basis? Do you like indie rock, and music from the 60′s, 70’s and 80’s? Now’s your chance to scratch that itch on a schedule that works for you!

Introducing the PopUp Chorus, the only chorus where you can show up when you want and skip it when you’re too busy. No audition, no weekly commitment, just show up and sing.

Founded by arts entrepreneur and event promoter, Lauren Bromley Hodge, the PopUp Chorus launched at Motorco in Durham, NC in January 2014. Seamus Kenney, musician, composer and middle school chorus teacher, artfully conducts the PopUp Chorus events.

Singers arrive and learn two themed songs each week, which they perform, record and film on the same night. The PopUp meets again a week later to sing two new songs. It is never the same group twice…

Considered by many to be the best damn thing to do on any night, and a great way to blow off steam, find out about our next event by following us on Twitter, joining our mailing list, or joining our Facebook group.

Check out our YouTube channel.

Come out and sing!

  1. Kay Pommerening

    What a great idea! I love to sing and wish we had this in my town.
    I just watched “How can you really” and loved it. My nephew is part of Foxygen, so I applaud your original and creative song choice.

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